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Fresh And Clean
Team breakfast to kick off the week. Good morning everyone!
Fresh And Clean
Happy New Year!
Hey friends, we chose some of our favorite photos of 2012 and made a little video for you. Available now on our blog - hope you like it!
Keep Dreaming
Merry Christmas!
New to EyeEm? No worries. We've created a helpful little guide for you to get started.
Your photos belong to you. That promise is and always will be at the core of EyeEm.
Going To Market
So proud. We're on the App Store Best of 2012 list in Germany. Thank you guys for your great support!
Part 3 of From the Street: Misho Baranovic asks UK-based Shaun Connell about his street photography.
The work of Roger Clay never ceases to amaze us. We've asked the master of candid street portraits for a review of his latest work.
Going To Market
December Rain
EyeEm <3 Twitter
Snowwwww! But how do you get the most out of it? We prepared 10 easy tips&tricks on how to shoot awesome photos in the snow.
On the Yamanote line with Jeff aka @underflo - check out this amazing snapshot portrait of Tokyo and its people on our blog.
One of the most promising photographers of her generation, we've asked Kitty Gallannaugh 6 questions. And she responded with 6 photos.
December Rain
Color Portrait
Have you always wondered how you can pinch, poke or tickle your friends in an instant? Look no further with this little trick by Stephanie.
Very very (very) excited to announce: the EyeEm Ambassadors. Come and join the crew!
New EyeEm updates for iPhone & Android are out. Get 'em in the App Store & on Google Play and let us know what you think!
Yay! The list of 100 photos that were exhibited at the Trieste Tattoo Expo is finally on our blog!
So awesome! Irina brought us EyeEm branded iPhone & Android cookies. We're ready for Christmas :)
Backstage with Sigur Rós: an exclusive look behind the band's world tour. Now on our blog!
Color Portrait
Team photo session on analog B&W film. Hello everyone!
To crop or not to crop? That is the question. We've made a little research and came up with 10 tips & tricks on our blog.
Thnx @Bugschtief for visiting and the awesome feedback.
Possibly the best job in the world: we've asked Bellamy aka The Japan Camera Hunter how it all came about. Now on our blog.
Draw Something
It's Follow Friday!
Did you always want to meet the girl who's behind the cover photo of our 3.0 release? Come meet Tori Church on our blog today.
Hooray! You can now see photos from EyeEm directly in your Twitter feed.
Looking for inspiration? Try out some of the DIY filters we feature on our blog and add your photos to the DIY Filters album!
Boom! We just released our new camera for iOS & Android. Try it out and leave us a review in the App Store and on Google Play!
Analogue Photography
Marius giving it a spin
Awesome Lunch presentation by Danilo and Severin on the physics behind Analogue Film!! Thnx guys
Your Week on EyeEm is a weekly recap of what happened in the community with one simple goal: to make you smile on Sundays! Have a Good One! Visit >> blog.eyeem.com
Team ready for Paper Plane Contest : )
Night Lights
Say hi to Sebastian! He just joined our dev team as an intern and likes volcanos, zen and croissants. Get to know him better on our blog!
Awesome lunch presentation by Sebastian today. After an intro to meditation the whole team went all zen for a while.
Working Hard
From My Window
Hello friends, check Out The Week On EyeEm on our Spotlight Blog >> blog.eyeem.com
Ping Pong
Hello Brazil : )
Masterclass with Victor today: making awesome stencils yourself!
We're looking for new people to become suggested users! Tag your favorite shooters in the comments below.
Birthday breakfast for our awesome @Severin! Say hi :)
Team Polaroids
Congratulations! The winners of the 10 EyeEm T-Shirts are now announced on our blog.
Win An EyeEm T-Shirt
Awesome photo swag! Can't wait to play with it :) What's your favorites gadgets?
Working Hard
Yay! Lisbeth from @photojojo just came by and gave us a lot of great phone gadgets to play with. Thanks!
What an amazing vibe @PhotoHackDay! So excited about your demos tmrrw! You rock big time
Happy birthday @ramz! Stay gold
Gen-San shooting analogue :)
Say hi to @Elin and Sebastian who just Joined the Team as a Developer Intern
Hey friends, how do you like EyeEm 3.0 so far? Don't forget to rate us in the App Store & on Google Play, your feedback is highly appreciated!
Hello, what do you think about Our New Blog?? :)
Hacking at 38 degrees :)
The three Eyes of EyeEm
Jonathan explaining his vision
@photojack Kicking Off the Masterclass
Happy Birthday!
Bloomy Days
Ups :)
What do you think about our New Office table that Victor did over the weekend? :)
Kickstarting The Week
Thumbs Up
Working Hard
Talking Design
Team Dinner
Let's invent the future of photography together!
Moving Exhibition
Look Up
EyeEm Meetup
Good Times
Fussball Ist Unser Leben
Mobile Love
Food Porn
Fun shoot