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A Scotsman once said, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”. At EyeEm we couldn’t agree more, in terms of scenery it’s perhaps the most picturesque season, but if you really don’t want to wrap up and head out, you can enjoy our winter stock photos. We are sure your mom has winter pictures in the scrapbook of you building snowmen on those never ending December days when school was snowed in. Relive that magic with winter pics from EyeEm.

If the outdoors is a photographer’s canvas, nature provides the paint during the winter months. Pictures of winter are an endless chance to portray beautiful scenery - from winter pictures of bare trees overlooking a crisp frozen lake to those of a robin awaiting patiently on a branch for its dinner.

Whatever project you’re working on, if you require winter photos then EyeEm is the place for you. Perhaps winter for you is a hot chocolate by a blazing fire as Jack Frost lurks outside, or perhaps it’s making snow angels with the kids between trips down a hill on a sled. Whatever it is, our pictures of winter scenes are sure to make you reminisce of those excitable days as a child in the run up to December 25th.

If you’re looking for winter pictures of graceful and magnificent winter creatures, or that elegant Christmas tree in the front window you spent ages decorating, then you will be spoilt for choice at EyeEm. With a one-time fee for the image rights that best serve you, you don’t have to worry about another charge creeping up in the future. While those fleeting winter moments are all too short, worry not, for you can relive them with winter pictures from EyeEm.