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Portrait Pictures Inspire Double Takes on EyeEm Market, the Largest Source of Authentic, Royalty-Free Images

From the halls of antiquity to the contemporary art museum, the art portrait endures. Each new generation reinterprets the human face and form, pushing the boundaries of representation. Portrait photography is no exception – in fact, it’s a treasured way to express who we are. Intimate or informal, portrait pictures focus on a subject’s interiority in a way that gives us pause.

When you need a portrait photo to spark a personal connection with your audience, then the EyeEm collection will exceed your expectations – and theirs. On EyeEm Market, you’ll find doe eyes, flushed cheeks, and deep creases that will help you tell your story.

Our community of mobile photographers is changing the way we look at the picture portrait. Today, the form embraces selfies just as readily as staged productions with sophisticated lighting. That means we have portrait photos that channel the glamor of Marlene Dietrich alongside the cute snaps you want to share on social media. Above all else, however, our portrait photography is authentic.

When you find a photo or portrait that you can’t do without, simply choose one of our straightforward licensing routes and run with it. We have fair pricing that gives you the flexibility to publish our best portrait photography across a range of media. So, if you need an arresting, royalty-free portrait to unify your communications or give a human face to your brand, EyeEm makes it happen. You can also energize the people who make our community great – and ask our photographers to produce original work just for you.