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The Easy Way to Shoot Custom Brand Visuals

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Custom, exclusive visuals

Control the brand experience and inspire your audience with visuals that are spot on.

Pain-free production

A simple tool enables you to set up and manage photoshoots at scale.

"No agency" pricing

Creating your own content has never been more affordable.

Unique Talent Working with Unique Brands

EyeEm is home to fresh talent and industry-leading pros. Our technology connects your creative brief with the right talents around the world.

André Dogbey for Converse

Custom shoot for Land Rover

Michael Schauer for Canon

Bodhayan Nipun Sharma for Huawei P9

Matt Horspool for Nikon

Benjamin Lee for Adobe

Michael Moeller for Kayak

Custom shoot for eBay

Anna Cor for Gestalten

André Dogbey for Converse

Michael Schauer for Canon

Michael Moeller for Kayak

Custom shoot for Land Rover

Benjamin Lee for Adobe

Custom shootfor eBay

Custom shoot for Huawei P9

Anna Cor for Gestalten

Matt Horspool for Nikon

How it Works

Our team plugs into your workflow and works with you to streamline the entire process. Creating authentic content at scale is made possible by our network of talent in over 164 countries worldwide.

01. Brief

Your Creative Vision at Heart

Coordinating with you and your team, we work to craft the ideal brief that aligns your vision and visual brand language. EyeEm sources and trains photographers from our Collective to meet your needs.

Custom Photoshoot Brief
Custom Photoshoot Production

02. Produce

Execution of Your Vision

Oversee the whole production process from start to finish. Our team works with you to keep the entire process streamlined.

03. Deliver

Select and Download Assets

Downloads include broad, exclusive usage rights. Built-in collaborative proofing makes it easy to manage final selections.

Custom Photoshoot Assets Download
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Assignment for Huawei P9

“Cross-promoting with EyeEm’s huge community was invaluable and allowed us to engage directly with our intended audience - we were amazed at the number and quality of submissions!” 

Bianca Spada
Global Senior Digital Marketing Manager


Custom Shoot for eBay Plus

“The high-quality images shot by EyeEm gave our advertising campaign the required look and feel of uniqueness and authenticity."

Corinna Kühn
Content Marketing Manager, eBay Europe

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