Meet the Team: Cat Anderson

Today we want to introduce you to this sassy redhead full of brilliant ideas, Cat. How she ended up at EyeEm is a great story filled with many celeb encounters and an appearance on British TV.

Meet the Team: Eric Hartsuyker

One of the newest additions to the EyeEm team is Eric Hartsuyker. Tall, red-haired and freshly married, he braved the chilliness of the Berlin winter to come join us as a Data Scientist. Let’s say hi!

Meet the Team: Cat Noone

Meet the Team features EyeEm’s newest additions. We’re so excited for you to get to know Cat, who has just joined our design team.

Meet the Team: Ole Schubert

Ole is our Public Relations Manager. He is the man with his finger on the pulse, and makes sure that everyone, everywhere, hears about EyeEm. But what does he have to do with Winona Ryder?