And the EyeEm T-Shirts go to…

Hey friends,

running for just 5 days, you guys totally overwhelmed us by submitting a total of 621 photos to the Win an EyeEm T-Shirt challenge! 222 contributors have taken part so it was a really hard task to just pick 10 winners of the EyeEm T-Shirts.

Each one of us picked their favorite image out of the pool. And the winners are (in no particular order):

1. Gen‘s pick: TiNa

Win an EyeEm T-Shirt in Stahnsdorf by TiNa on EyeEm

2. Stephanie‘s pick: Justin See

Win an EyeEm T-Shirt in Singapore by Justin See on EyeEm

3. Ivan‘s pick: emmii

Win an EyeEm T-Shirt in Sydney by @emmii on EyeEm

4. Elin‘s pick: Diego

Win an EyeEm T-Shirt by Diego on EyeEm

5. Severin‘s pick: Noah Wiles

Win an EyeEm T-Shirt in Pasadena by Noah Wiles on EyeEm

6. Matteo‘s pick: tranceoxide

Win an EyeEm T-Shirt in Singapore by tranceoxide on EyeEm

7. Lorenz‘s pick: John Puah

Win an EyeEm T-Shirt at Bar Broadway by John Puah on EyeEm

8. Victor‘s pick: Matt Glastonbury

Win an EyeEm T-Shirt at Mount Nelson Signal Station by Matt Glastonbury on EyeEm

9. Flo‘s pick: Jordan Cortese

Win an EyeEm T-Shirt by Jordan Cortese on EyeEm

10. Ramzi‘s pick: Silvia Foglia

Memorial in Berlin by Silvia Foglia on EyeEm

Congrats!! Please send your postal address to Severin and include what t-shirt size and color (grey, black on black or white on black) you prefer!

PS: did you know that you can also get your hands on an EyeEm T-Shirt by organizing an EyeEm Meetup in your city? If you’re interested get in touch with us and we’ll make it happen.



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